Marketing Consultation - We Listen

BNZ Video Productions understands the realtor/client relationship and how they want their property to be represented.

We invite you to share what you envision for a final product. We pride ourselves on maintaining excellent communication throughout the production process. This creative partnership enables us to capture the best qualities of the property augment the successful sale of the property.

Imaginative Filming and Creative Editing

Our videographers have an excellent sense of composition. They focus on the best qualities of a home and enhance those elements with skill and experience. Our drone creates dynamic shots of the exterior of the home and its surroundings.

When we film the realtor as an on-camera talent or reading the script, we provide a comfortable and supportive atmosphere to insure a successful filming session.

The editing staff design a film that captures the immediate attention of the viewer and presents an attractive, accurate impression of the residence.

2212 upper deck 2.1mb
3550 Cabin Brighter

Distribution and Implementation

BZN Video Productions work in cooperation with the realtor and their marketing team in developing an excellent video. We also continue our support in providing the highest quality video in whatever media format is required.

The realtor can attach the video as a link in an email or text message, embed the film in their website, share their video on Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The high resolution filming allows still images of the video to be used as photographs.

Next Steps...

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